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Relocating pet dogs and cats USA from Singapore

Relocating pet dogs and cats USA from Singapore

Cocker Spaniel from Singapore to Melbourne, Australia.

From the bottom of our hearts, we would like to thank you so much for everything you have done for Bessi’s relocation to Australia.  The process was extremely smooth and seamless, thanks to the both of you! Thank you for the outstanding and kind assurance, patience, diligence and high professionalism the both of you have displayed throughout the entire relocation process.

Thank you so much again for making this such a pleasant and reassuring experience for us and Bessi!   I would absolutely recommend anyone who wishes to relocate their treasured family pet-members to engage your excellent and professional customer service!

British Shorthair & Norwegian Forest Cross from Singapore to Bangkok, Thailand.

We can’t thank you all enough for doing such a fabulous job (both SG and Thailand), so professionally handled, efficient and caring. Milo and Pippa are a big part of our family and very much loved so having them transported safely to us is a huge relief.

I will be writing a very positive review on your Facebook pages and also making referrals through the expat forums I am a member of. Thanks again.

English Springer Spaniel from Singapore to New York, USA.

Just wanted to let you know that Oliver and myself made it home safely to the US without any issues. We appreciate your expertise in getting us here safely.

Toy Poodles from Singapore to Atlanta USA. Thank you all for a very smooth shipment. In my line of work (Oil & Gas industry), dealing with international shpments worldwide, they don’t always go as planned. Hence, this went very well!

Miniature Poodle from Singapore to Melbourne Australia. We like to thank both of you for the impeccable service rendered. We have enjoyed the prompt and reliable service rendered to us in relocating Mocha. No words can expressed our joy when we are reunited with our little furry Mocha. Finally, Thumbs up for service with a personal touch! 

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