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Moving pet overseas
Whiskey, the English Cocker Spaniel and Lola, the Maltipoo from Singapore to Switzerland

Hi Vivian,

Please accept my sincere thanks as the everything went better than my expectation.

Your guys were simply awesome.

Both Whisky and Lola are fine and enjoying Switzerland.

Regards Amir

Momo, the Domestic traveled from Singapore to United Arab Emirates

Hello Vivian and Frederick,

Just to let you know Momo arrived safely and on time yesterday. He was a bit stressed, as to be expected, but only took a few hours to come out of his shell. He is eating and pooping/peeing normally and is now exploring every nook and cranny of his new apartment. 

Thank you for your professional, organized and personalized service from start to end. It took a great load off our minds at a critical time. 

Yen Ling and Daniel

Bob & Pixie, the Domestic cats traveled from Singapore to New Zealand

A big Thank You to Vivian and Frederick for your amazing care, kindness and help with sending Pixie and Bob to New Zealand. You made everything easy, so it was a totally stress free experience for us.

Bob and Pixie were, naturally, scared by the move, and the separation from us. But they are recovering, and happy to be reunited with their human family.

Best, Miranda

Bamboo, the Domestic cat from Singapore to United Kingdom

Dear Vivian and Frederick,

Here are a few pictures of our tiger who arrived safely to the uk and was delivered to our service apartment yesterday.

He did not take long to chill, then eat drink and ask for cuddles. I think he has a lot of sleep to catch up with and yesterday he was probably cold too as he started his night with the girls in their duvet and finished with us. He was sick this am twice because he probably ate too fast too much yesterday but otherwise he is in great form. He is catching up with sleep.

Many many thanks for your great care of Bamboo while at sunny heights and when in transit between airports / plane and UK temporary home. Well done for the smooth ride and flawless execution.

Best regards

Helene, Ludo and the girls

Trooper, the Golden Retriever traveled from Singapore to Australia

Hi Vivian and Frederick

Trooper seems to be settling in very well – and loving the cooler weather!

Thank you again for all your help – I would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone moving their pet out of Singapore.

Best wishes


Coco, the Domestic cat traveled from Singapore to Hong Kong

Hi Fredrick and Vivian,

I really want to thank you both for all that you did for us as a family and for Coco. You are both exceptional in the way you communicated with us every step of the way. You put us at ease and we knew Coco was in good hands with you. It was not easy for us and you made us feel so comfortable. I would not hesitate to recommend your services and will be sharing your details on SG and HK facebook groups for people/pets in need of relo services.

We wish you continued success in all that you do!

With so much gratitude

Patti and family

Scooby, the Maltese from Singapore to Greece

Dear Frederick and Vivian,

We’ve reached home safely after a really long and tiring flight .

Scooby is adjusting well to the new time zone though a little more sleepy than usually .

Thank you for all your valuable help and support !Your service is really excellent!

Many thanks,


Ewok, the Maltese from Singapore to United Kingdom

Thank you so much for the update and pictures.

It’s great to know he is ok, and thank you for the first class service you have provided! 


Roddy, the American Cocker Spaniel from Singapore to United Kingdom

Thank you for all this wonderful assistance, checking and a very safe and happy arrival of Roddy.

Thank you and your team and thank you everyone.

Even the queen of england would not have had such perfect service and care.


Fresca, the Dachshund from Singapore to Switzerland

Dear Vivian and Fredrick,
Fresca arrived safely. We picked him up at Geneva airport and he was waiting for us quietly:)
He had his first walk in the Alps today 🙂
I really want to thank you both for your compassion and professionalism.

Frederick, thank you so much for your support in the airport . I really appreciate it.
I will soon write about your company in online and recommend your company for animal relocation.


Ohana, the German Shepherd from the East & Gangster, the Belgian Malinois from the West to Singapore

Hi Pets Lighthouse, 

We are extremely thankful for your services. 

We have been nervous owners about our dogs relocation. But we are glad you are here to help.

Your assurance and professionalism has allowed my family to be at ease with the whole process, and thank you for putting up with our constant anxiety about this. 

We highly recommend you to anyone looking for professionalism in safe and reliable pet relocation.


Monkey, the Domestic traveled from Singapore to United States

Dear Frederick and Vivian,

Thank you again for all your help and care in getting Monkey safely to the airport. Honestly if it hadn’t been for you, we would never have made that flight. I was in pieces having not slept and therefore not dealing with the stress of it all very well. You were an oasis in that crazy storm and such a vital piece that I didn’t have to worry about.

I would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone and please let me know if I can every help with a reference.

Best regards, Michelle

Emma the Netherland Dwarf & Milkshake the Holland Lop traveled from Singapore to Hong Kong SAR

Hiya Vivian and Frederick,

Good morning from Hong Kong! We have touched down and reach our accomodation safely!

The collection is not as complicated as I imagined but given a chance I would opt for door-to-door service next time. The cargo terminal is no joke. I was already perspiring profusely by the time I exited the building with the bunnies, despite the cool weather. It was then I realised I have been spoilt by the good service rendered by you both.

Big thank you again to Pets Lighthouse for the fuss-free process! We will look for you again 3 years later when we are flying back!

From all of us! Emma, Milkshake and Junling!

Attila, the Toy Poodle traveled from Singapore to Spain

Thank you very much for your help managing Attila’s documents and paperwork, the best money spent ever!

Best regards, Viviana

Milo the Whippet, Monty the Tonkinese & Meezel the Siamese traveled from Singapore to Australia

Hi Vivian, Hi Frederick

No hesitation in entrusting pets to you both. You do a great job and I am more than happy to continue singing your praises!

Here are a few photos of the fuzzies relaxing in Albury this week. Monty loves sitting (and sleeping) in the kitchen window bird watching.

Kind regards


Gus, the Springer Spaniel traveled from Singapore to New Zealand

Gus is good and enjoying his new environment … just need to stop him eating dead rabbits!

Thanks for all your help with the move and we’d def recommend you to our friends that are moving pets.

Cheers Justin 

Moving pet overseas – English Cocker Spaniel and Maltipoo dog from Singapore to Zurich, Switzerland. Everything went better than my expectation. You guys were simply awesome.

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