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Flying pets overseas

Flying pets overseas

Domestic Cats from Singapore to Hawaii, United States USA. I would definitely recommend your service to anyone leaving Singapore with pets. For instance, I very much appreciated your quick and accurate responses to my questions and concerns, and I felt that Rusty and Shadow were well taken care of.

Beagle from Port Moresby in Papua New Guinea to Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia, and transiting in Singapore by air. In conclusion, she is the one who touch my heart by the way she cared for Jack.

Domestic Cat from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The meticulous paperwork and your very clear instructions certainly helped eliminate a great deal of anxiety, and ensure a smooth hassle-free passage through the border! 

Poodle Cross Dog from Singapore to Chicago, United States USA. We had such a wonderful experience and for that reason, I want to share that with others. 

Labrador Retriever Dogs from Singapore to Edinburgh, Scotland UK. We truly appreciate your excellent assistance with their move and therefore, will spread the word.

Australian Bulldogs from Singapore to Sydney, Australia. You have been wonderful and provided me with so much comfort during the period.

Domestic Cat and Mixed Breed Dogs from Singapore to Jakarta, Indonesia. After having problems to get proper response from one of your competitor, it was a release to have found you. Thereafter, preparations moved fast and swift with clear and timely instructions and feedbacks left us time to concentrate on all other activities. Your team prepared the transport very well. And our 3 pets got safe on the way and arrival procedures were easy with the well prepared documentation.

Cocker Spaniel Dog from Singapore to Hong Kong, China SAR
Domestic Cats from Singapore to Manila, Philippines

German Shepherd Dog from Singapore to United States, USA. I could not be more grateful of the great work you have done to help us making the arrangement. Therefore, the one thing we can do to show our appreciation is to put highly recommend you to our move to utilise your company for international pet relocation.

Labrador Retriever Dog from Singapore to London, UK.

Golden Retriever Dog from Singapore to Auckland, New Zealand NZ. It is a very pleasant experience and it is clear you have a real love and care for animals.  Therefore, we have no hesitation to recommend your service to others. To sum up, you really provide first class professional service. 

Schnauzer Cross Dog from Singapore to Sydney, Australia

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