In year 2014

Sending pets overseas

Sending pets overseas

Miniature Schnauzer Dogs from Singapore to Perth, Australia. I don’t know what I’ll do without you. You’ve been such a great help and I’m so grateful that everything went so well and smoothly.

Domestic Cats from Singapore to Penang, Malaysia by road. We found your services friendly and efficient. We felt you really took the time and trouble to make we everything ran smoothly. And that our cats were delivered to us.

 Vizsla and Miniature Poodle Dogs from Singapore to Auckland, NZ

Persian and British Blue Cats from Singapore to Frankfurt, Germany. I think the water system you have constructed helped a lot.   

Labrador Retriever Dogs from Singapore to New York, United States USA. You had my boys so organised from paper work to crates to departure. You were awesome. I will so highly recommend you to anyone doing an overseas move. I am so glad I was given the opportunity to be introduced to you and doing my move with my boys. 

Lily, the Labrador Retriever Dog from Singapore to London, UK: Your were knowledgeable and with minimum fuss.

Mixed Breed Dogs from Singapore to Auckland, New Zealand NZ. You have provided a wonderful service at all steps of the journey.

Domestic Cats from Singapore to London, UK. I felt totally at ease knowing that they were in your capable hands.  I would be happy to act as a reference should anyone ask. 

Maltipoo Dog from Valencia, Spain to Singapore

Mixed Breed, Jack Russell Terrier and Chihuahua from Singapore to Melbourne, Australia. Thank you so much for the hard work in the relocation process.  It must have been quite a pain to deal with our numerous questions and worries about the process. But, you were so patient and professional throughout. We were also very impressed with your familiarity with the onerous regulations and procedures. As well as the great execution on the day of the flight itself. The entire experience was stress-free and smooth-running from start to finish.  

Maltese Dog from Singapore to Shenzhen China, and transiting in Hong Kong.

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